This step can be as easy and quick as a “cold turkey” switch, or you may need to transition slowly over a period of time, if your pet requires it for a variety of reasons.  Always use the best approach that works for your dog.
THE COLD TURKEY SWITCH:  This method is simply a rapid full switch over, usually starting fresh in the morning on an empty stomach, after having fasted the previous evening’s meal.  Many dogs do fine with the immediate switch over.  In some cases, there may appear to be what looks like minor GI upset, however dogs coming off of a kibble or processed food diet will go through a detox period, where the body must rid itself of the toxic build up inside their digestive  tract.  This can take a couple of weeks.
THE GRADUAL SWITCH:  This is done gradually over one to two weeks.  For some dogs with sensitive GI tracts, this can take even longer, but keep in mind that your pet may have been eating a commercial, highly processed kibble for it’s entire life and needs time to activate the digestive enzymes and gut bacteria to digest a raw meal.  Be patient and know that you can successfully transition in these cases!