The benefits of raw feeding seem endless.  It just makes sense!  It is simply fresh, unprocessed food!  It consists of muscle meat, bones, organs, eggs and maybe some fruits and vegetables.  It does NOT contain any corn, wheat, soy, preservatives, synthetic vitamins, or chemicals.

Here are just a few reasons to feed a fresh raw diet:

-Improved Dental Health:  Dogs and cats can get dental disease too.  They have teeth that are designed for ripping and tearing meat from bone.  This action greatly improves and maintains your pet’s dental health.  “Nature’s toothbrush” is a term often heard in the raw feeding community.  Better breath, cleaner teeth, and in turn, better hearth health!
-Digestion: You will quickly see major improvements in your pet’s digestion.  Unlike commercial pet food, which is made up mostly of low quality ingredients, starches, grains and additives, raw food will produce much smaller poops.  Gut health will improve and you will see much less gastrointestinal upset.
-Skin and Coat:  Skin problems like candida yeast, dryness and dull coat are often the result of a high carbohydrate diet.  A soft, shiny odor free coat can be achieved by feeding a healthy raw diet rich in essential fatty acids.

Other benefits include but are not limited to

-Reduced incidence of Cancer
-Stable and consistent energy Levels
-Healthier Immune System
-Overall well being and happiness